Not for the first time, it was Alisah Bonaobra, from the Philippines, who was at the center of most of the night’s drama. First, she got a seat, but Sharon called her “dated”. Then, she lost it to Grace Davies, causing the audience to go collectively crackers and shriek that they should’ve ditched one of the other girls instead.

Despite wowing absolutely everybody with her rendition of All By Myself, that place didn’t last long, as favourite Grace Davies delivered yet another self-penned track, Do It Better – and impressed Simon so much that he didn’t just want to offer her ‘a chair, but also – as he put it: ‘The table the chairs, my water, my tea and my prawn cocktail Skips’.

Watch the full video below.

Then, Sharon called Alisah back for a sing-off with Rai-Elle (clearly utter nonsense; as if she was going to be sent home) and Scarlett Lee, whose face had been growing increasingly crumpled throughout the night as it gradually dawned on her that she was the weakest singer still in possession of a chair.

Alisah, who’s been all about the big ballads and show tunes until now, decided it was time to come over all contemporary with a Jessie J number; she even pulled a rap out of the bag. It was inevitable that Scarlett would be the one to go; she knew it, we all knew it.

The X Factor 2017 airs tonight at 7:30PM on ITV.