Here we will talk about Things You Should Not Do in Attending a Funeral. A lot of people today are not aware of this kind of things, although it is not required to do such things, but doing it is the best way not to offend any people especially to those families and relatives of the deceased.


In attending a funeral you should dress appropriately, do not dress too fancy you are not attending a birthday party or a grand reunion that you need to impress by suiting up fine clothing. Other people tend to wear shirts with bright colors on it or cool clothes that seems to go well in dating or going out with your girlfriend. Again, it’s a funeral you should dress appropriately. A white, black, or gray plain colored shirt will do along with some jeans, Not Billie.



2. Do not say BYE or GOODBYE before leaving a funeral.

People usually do this but others don’t because there is no reason to say bye or goodbye before leaving a funeral. We all know what bye and goodbye means. In this scenario, you’re at a funeral. Why do you want to say goodbye before leaving the funeral? Are you coming back? Is there anyone going to die? Are you going to die? So at this point, it’s a superstitious belief on whether you should say bye or goodbye. Others believe it’s a sign of bad luck. So Instead of saying “Bye” you can say “See you again”.

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3. Do not take any PICTURES.

It’s a funeral, why do you even want to take pictures? Why do you want to take a selfie or a group pic? Are you in a good mood to take pictures in a funeral while everyone is in despair and praying for their loved one who has passed away? Seriously a lot of people today does this at a funeral. But, you shouldn’t because it is very disrespectful. Unless the family or the relatives of the deceased told you to do so. But, still you should not do it. Why? Is it because that you didn’t see your friends for a long time and you missed them so you thought this is the right time and a good place to take a snapshot. So, you should not do it. Show some respect.



4. Do not bring home any FOOD from the funeral!

Why do you want to take home food from the funeral? In the Filipino culture, it is a tradition of giving food for those who are “Nakikiramay” in a funeral. We all know that some people bring home food from the funeral because sometimes it is inevitable for the family or relatives of the deceased insist you to do so. But, again, you should not. Not because it’s from a funeral and it might have germs on it. But because it’s for the other people who are giving sympathy (“Pakikiramay”, “Nakikiramay”) to the family. The food is not plenty for all so don’t bring it home. Everything they offer you whether Water, Juice, Chips, Biscuits, Sopas, Lugaw, or Candy. You should consume it there and you should not bring it home.



5. Do not go home right after, you should “PAG-PAG”

“Pag-Pag” is the most followed superstition in the Philippines in attending a funeral. It’s because they are scared of the deceased that his/her soul might follow them back home. Pag-Pag is when you go to a different place like malls or stores that are away from your house after attending a funeral.  Old people say you need to do the “Pag-Pag” to get lost track of some unexpected guests or things that cannot be explained and to release the bad luck after going to a funeral. Literally, if you’re that scared you should consider doing this!



We all know that you are not required to follow these kind of things. It’s just a basic reminder for the people who are not aware of this kind of things. It’s still up to you to do things because you have your own decisions as an individual. Still, at the end there is nothing to lose if you give it a try.


Happy Halloween!!! And to all Filipinos have a peaceful and safe All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. #Undas2017