A Jimmy John’s employee in Kansas City remained strangely calm and cool as he was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday night.

Thanks to police surveillance video released Thursday, we are all able to see the cashier, who calmly remove his work glove so as not to get food on the unidentified robber’s money and doesn’t even take a step back.

The Zen-like cashier, who gives zero f*cks, begins collecting the money from the register and even trying to give the box with the remaining coins to the robber.

Maybe the cashier with this kind of ninja-isque moves is really a kung fu master who has disarmed criminals like this. But one netizen has this different thinking that maybe the cashier doesn’t give a shit because he knows this guy and it went down exactly how they planned it.

In our everyday life, people can walk the walk and talk the talk, but when it comes down to death situations like this, will you stand tall or are you folding like a piece of paper?