Ivy shocked the judges with a truly astounding rendition of Whitney Houston’s All The Man That I Need.

She said, “Last year I was browsing the internet, because I can only watch X Factor on Youtube. I don’t have a television. I watched 4th Impact the group of Filipino sisters. I felt really inspired and thought if they can make it, I can make it too.”

She added, “I have a little girl, she is two years old. While I am here she is in The Philippines and my mama and papa are taking care of her. I am not getting any younger. If I get the four yeses today I will go crazy! I want this.”


Simon Cowell commented, “What just happened there? That was more than amazing. It was the second half of the song…the first half was good and then suddenly it was like you were possessed by someone. It was incredible, one of the best we have had”.

Nicole Scherzinger gushed, “She just sang our faces off! Everyone comes in here and tells us they want it so bad but that is called wanting it and fighting for it”.

Louis Walsh was a fan too and continued: “You are sensational, like a little diva! You did yourself proud.”

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