Watch AGT 2017: Angelica Hale Sing Her Heart Out With “Without You”

Angelica Hale is a young powerhouse singer. And during the semifinals, at just 10-years-old and she blew the judges away with her performance of “Without You” during the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent.

According to her parents, the young singer battled health issues when she was younger, but she is doing great today.

“You deserve to be there next week, you really do.” judge Howie Mandel said while praising the performance. “Another wow moment, for years, and that range, and the control you have with that voice. You made tonight tougher than it could ever be. What a great closing to our show.”

Do you think she will win this season’s AGT? Let us know in the comment section below.

Watch AGT 2017: Angelica Hale Sing Her Heart Out With “Without You”
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