“President Rodrigo Duterte, he tried his best”.

These was the answer of, Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte when asked how you want to be remembered as a president of Philippines.

In a two-part exclusive first interview since he was sworn in (watch the first part here), Al Jazeera talk to Duterte about his controversial war on drugs and foreign policy – including deteriorating relations with the United States and potentially warming relations with China.

In this second part of the interview, he discusses relations with the US.

In response to why the Philippines is “pursuing a different paradigm” in its relationship with the United States, Duterte explains that his disaffection with the American leadership is related to US criticism of his war on drugs.

As controversy continues to follow the Philippine president, be it whilst publicly cursing US President Barack Obama, branding former Philippine president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos as “the best” the country has ever seen, or being in favour of “emergency” shortcuts to execute “democratic” decisions, only one thing seems certain: in Duterte’s view, none of his decisions thus far warrant any unfavourable comparisons.

“For the life of me, I have yet to remember a thing that I did that would indicate that I have the traces of being dictatorial. From day one.”

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