The Ice Bucket Challenge was the first, then the Running Man Challenge. And now it’s the Mannequin Challenge that turns out to be the latest genuine viral internet trend.

For the past week, a new video trend has taken the internet by storm. The challenge involves doing, actually, nothing. Well, more like the acting of doing nothing. The #MannequinChallenge requires groups of participants to assume a dramatic pose while “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd plays in the background.

It started in Jacksonville, Florida at the Edward H. White High School.

The craze essentially consists of every person in the clip getting into a funny position, usually pretending to be frozen mid-action, and staying motionless as someone films them.

Here are some of the great #MannequinChallenge:

And even celebrities such as Adele and Beyonce, takes on the challenge:


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Then Hillary Clinton does the challenge before the election:

Will you be taking the challenge too? Make sure no one moves then.