Hundreds of moving head lice combed out of a girl’s infested hair (VIDEO)

Stomach-churning video shows hundreds of head lice crawling inside a little girl’s hair. And is beyond parents’ worst nightmares.

In the Youtube video uploaded sometime in 2013, a woman is seen struggling to drag a fine-toothed comb through the child’s thick hair.

After several minutes, the lice build up and the camera zooms in to show a cluster of moving greyish-green parasites. That’s really disgusting!

It became viral this week with more than 4 million views as of writing. Watch the head lice infestation video here.

According to NHS, head lice are a common problem for school children, particularly between 4 to 11 of age.


Around a third of pupils get head lice at some point every year, causing itching and a rash in some cases.

They are spread by head-to-head contact and immediately climb between strands of children’s hair, sometimes infesting parents, friends and teachers.

Photo: Youtube

Photo: Youtube


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