If you are looking for a cheap iPhone 6s Plus, you will definitely love this. Apple, now, is selling refurbished iPhone 6S in their Online Store.

Previously, it was only Macs, iPad, and iPods which are sold in their online store. 

We have checked the Apple’s US Online Store and can see some great deal on their refurbished iPhone 6S. As what it is marked, it has 15% off from its usual price. You can get a refurbished iPhone 6s Plus with 16GB with storage memory for USD449 (a USD80 discount); the version with 64GB of memory goes for USD589 (a USD110 discount). Here is it:


Though getting a refurbished device might not sound that great for everyone, Apple notes that these phone comes with Apple’s regular one-year warranty and certification, a brand new battery and outer shell.

So for iPhone lovers, this can be a great deal, however, you might want to visit and get one soon as stocks are limited.