Xiaomi has just announced their newest smartphone Mi Mix concept phone, with its own looks and design. Nowadays it’s very seldom to see phones not resembling iPhones.

However, Xiaomi has just defied this and made their own sleek design, which will be available in China starting next month.


Mi Mix is actually a concept phone which you can really buy. It is all about the edge-to-edge display. It is the first phone from a big phone maker to sport a screen that’s truly edge-to-edge on three sides.

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According to Global VP Hugo Barra, the Mi MIX was kept under wraps before launch, to the point where CEO Lei Jun didn’t even use the relevant slides during rehearsal. It’s no wonder, then, that were no leaks about the device.

The Mi MIX will be available in China on November 4th. The base model costs 3,499 yuan (around $516), while the top-end model — which sports 18-karat gold rims around the main camera and fingerprint reader is priced at 3,999 yuan, or about $590.

These cost a good deal more than what Xiaomi usually asks for, but given the unique design and specs, the price is still reasonable compared to other phones

Surely Xiaomi is here to take Apple’s design throne.