We can currently send messages, attachments and voice calls with WhatsApp. But now you can make video calls using this app (for Android users for now).

If you and your friend are both on the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, you will now see “Video Call” and “Voice Call” options. The company has not yet advertised this feature, however, the latest beta version of it’s Android comes with the capability to make video calls. They also maintain an official beta testing program on Google Play, and one can sign up for it by tapping the “Become a Tester” button.

While the video quality depends on the smartphone camera, audio quality will be affected by the data network.

A few weeks ago, some Windows Phone users reported that they had received the video calling feature on WhatsApp. Then now that WhatsApp has started to roll out video calling ability on Android’s beta apps, it is likely that its iOS and stable Android versions will follow soon.

The Facebook-owned company has in many ways revolutionized how people text, and in recent times, how they make voice calls. Now that it is also introducing video calling, this would be a huge impact for its billion users.

Users can download the build from APKmirror.