Apple Introduces ‘SOS’ Function For Making Emergency Calls Through iPhone

Soon, there will be an update on our iOS devices, which Apple previewed last Tuesday. It includes a new function wherein you can make emergency calls when you press the power button five times.

If the function is enabled, you can trigger a call to an emergency service by quickly pressing the button five times.(Macrumors reports the new feature will be available in the US, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain and the UK.)

Emergency calls have been included already from the lock screen for years, however, this new feature gives iPhone owners an additional way to make a call should they get into trouble and are not able to use the emergency feature from the lock screen.

The feature looks like in action:

The SOS does include a short countdown before the call goes through. Also, the calls trigger a siren, which should help avoid accidental calls. The function can be disabled from the main Settings app.
Currently, its kinda hard to say when this function going to roll out widely. SOS is only available to developers who have the iOS 10.2 Beta 2 update installed.

Apple Introduces ‘SOS’ Function For Making Emergency Calls Through iPhone
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