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Race Car Driver Takes 3-Year-Old Son on Crazy Drift Ride (Video)

This boy’s reaction to his dad’s insane driving is CRAZY!

Toxa Avdeyev’s 4-year-old son Timofey went drifting with his car race driver daddy. Gripping onto the sides of his seat, the boy screeched as his dad flashed around a race track like whizzing through the air. (Avdeyev drive took place on a special closed track where there were no other cars.)

Avdeyev borrowed his friend’s Subaru, safely strapped his son in and put the pedal to the metal for ultimate driving fun.

I think he’s a great dad for giving his son an awesome, fun experience! That boy will become a pro drifter when he gets older for sure.

Watch the video below.

Source(s): Viral Viral Videos, Huffington Post

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