MAYWEATHER VS. PACQUIAO: Bieber Confirms And The Ringside Seats For $87,000 Each



Young pop singer Justin Bieber states he’ll be part of the support and entourage walking Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the ring when he faces off Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 2.

Bieber has accompanied Floyd to the ring before — they’ve been close friends for years — but due to the magnitude and importance of this fight, people were wondering if Floyd would go at it alone this time.

But when we got Bieber leaving Bar 20 in West Hollywood last night (he’s 21 now!) … JB told us you can count on him escorting Mayweather to his corner on May 2nd. – TMZ Sports confirmed from Bieber.

The YouTube sensation has been seen hanging around Mayweather for a while now. Bieber and has already escorted Mayweather to the ring for several times already, so this should not come as a surprise.  He even showed up during the photo op following a press conference featuring both fighters earlier this month.

And in any case you are planning to watch the epic fight this coming May, hoped you started to saving up, ‘cause here are the seat prices:

(2) Lower 13 Row G @ $42,500 each (center ring)
(2) Lower 13 Row M @ $36,500 each (center ring)
(2-4) Lower 15 Row M @ $23,500 each (just off center ring)
(2-5) Lower 15 Row T @ $16,000 each (just off center ring)
(2-4) Lower 14 Row W @ $14,650 each (just off row R @ $12,500 each (corner)
(2-4) Lower 19 Row X @ $10,100 each (corner ring)
(2-4) Upper 209 Row L @ $7,850 each (corner to ringside)
(2-4) Lower 5 Row R @ $12,500 each (corner)
(2-4) Lower 19 Row X @ $10,100 each (corner ring)
(2-4) Upper 209 Row L @ $7,850 each (corner to ringside)

And there is a on-going rumor which the prime seats will be selling at $87,500 for 6th row ringside.

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