Philippines — Indonesian President Joko Widodo in an interview with Singapore’s government-owned channel (Channel News Asia) clarified President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement on execution of Mary Jane Veloso.

In a news release, the Philippine News Agency (PNA) refered to Channel News Asia’s (CNA) article, which quoted Widodo as saying: “President Durterte said please, go ahead with the process in line with the law in Indonesia,” as he spoke to reporters in North Jakarta after opening a new terminal at Tanjung Priok port on Tuesday.

In October 2010, the District Court of Justice of Sleman in Yogjakarta sentenced Veloso to death for bringing 2.6 kilograms of heroin in Indonesia.

Indonesia news reporters previously tagged Widodo confirming that Duterte gave a “green light” for the execution of Mary Jane Veloso.

Her execution by firing squad was delayed at the last minute on April 29, after Veloso’s recruiter Tintin Sergio surrendered to Nueva Ecija Provincial Police.

Widodo, in the same interview, also quoted saying Indonesia will respect legal processes in the Philippines.  He also praised Duterte’s war against drugs.

“I see that President Duterte’s consistency in eradicating drugs is really high. There is no tolerance. Thus, he said that he will respect the laws in Indonesia,” Widodo stated.

In a speech, Duterte said Indonesia and the Philippines have an identical problem on drugs.

“On our case we have 3 million (drug addicts), that number is not a joke. I talked to Widodo, he has 4 million,” the President said in a speech at Villamor Airbase, Tuesday afternoon.

“I told him, Mr. President. It’s good you have the death penalty here. At least you can bring it down to the barest minimum. I said, go ahead and implement the law,” Duterte narrated.

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