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In the midst of danger from another typhoon to hit the country, Philippines, news anchor Korina Sanchez from ABS-CBN News (one of the top media networks in the country) commented that she wants the Typhoon ‘Ruby’ to veer away from Philippines and hit Japan instead.

It can be recalled that last typhoon ‘Yolanda’ which hit Philippines killing thousands, Sanchez had a rift with CNN broadcast journalist Anderson Cooper and what so called ‘catfight’ went viral.

And now, the news anchor who is married to Philippines’ Interior and Local Government Secretary is at it again.

Here’s how the conversation between Sanchez and co-anchor Noli de Castro went:

Korina: Kaya pa natin idasal yan para lumihis (We can still pray so that the typhoon will veer away)
Noli de Castro: Sana ay hati na lang tayo. Kalahati sa Pilipinas, kalahati sa Japan. (Hopefully, only half the typhoon will hit us and the other half will hit Japan)
Korina: Puwede bang sa kanilang lahat? (Is it possible for the entire typhoon to just hit Japan?)
Noli de Castro: Huwag naman.(Hope not.)
Korina: Sa kanila na lang lahat. Parang mas kaya nila. (Let Japan have it all.  Looks like they’re more capable)

The news anchor seems to be unconcerned about the criticism over her comments.  She told The Adobo Chronicles“Well, I’m a born-again Christian and I have faith that God will spare the Philippines from this super typhoon.  The Japanese are non-Christians so it is very possible that God will perform a miracle and divert the typhoon towards their country.”

It makes us wonder how can be a wife of a politician and being a local anchor of a top media network news can be so heartless. What we mean is can we just simply hope that the typhoon who’s now threatens the South East Asia region just disappear from thin air? Japan is a  non-Christian country but that does not make them deserve yet another disaster.

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