Gut Wrenching! Suspicious Husband Uses Drone to Spy on Cheating Wife – VIDEO!!

A suspicious husband thought his wife might be cheating on him, so one day when she went for work, he decided to catch her in the act with the help of a – drone.

The footage he captured showed that instead of going to her job, his wife went to a parking lot and met another man. John, who would not give his last name, said that he caught his wife of 18 years cheating.



In the video, John says: “Recently I found out that my wife’s been cheating on me. Yup, great right? Yeah, I caught her meeting a guy just a few blocks from my house and I got it on video.”

John says all his suspicions were confirmed when he saw his wife meeting up with a guy in a SUV at their local drug store.

No word yet if he’ll also use the drone to deliver divorce papers.

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