A meter-long snake was reportedly seen dangling on a passenger plane bound for Mexico City on Sunday.

The venomous reptile was seen emerging from the ceiling, crawling behind an overhead luggage compartment like what appeared to be a scene from the Hollywood thriller Snakes on a Plane.

mobile video recorded by Indalecio Medina, one of the passengers of Aeromexico Flight 231 , shows the snake wriggling briefly as if trapped before partially dropping down into the cabin. People got unbuckled themselves from their seats before it dropped.

“I was reading a magazine and the passenger next to me saw it and, ‘Oh my word!'” passenger Indalecio Medina said.

“Some people got up to see what kind of reptile it was, but nobody got carried away.”

It was a “unique experience,” Medina added.

The plane was given priority landing in Mexico City and touched down 10 minutes later.

Aeromexico said in a statement it was investigating how the snake got into the plane and would take measures to avoid this kind of incident.