John, the Groom, wanted to do something special to show his new wife, Irene, how much she means to him. So he secretly had a musical composed and performed it as a surprised with the help of some friends at their wedding reception!

At first, the Best Man (Edward) was giving his simple speech for the newly weds when all of the sudden a friend (Ivy) started to sing about the plants and flowers on the centerpiece of each table at the reception. Some friends tried to stop Ivy and the Best Man, though shocked, proceeded with his speech.

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Second part of singing started while Edward was trying to pick up from where he left on his speech, background music starts and Ivy comes up and sings again. After that strange singing of Ivy, here comes the father of the bride (Edwin) singing about his tie. Eventually, Edward joined the shindig and the three sang all together.

The last part was the sweetest when the John, the groom, stood up and sings. In his lyrics, as he keeps on singing his heart out to the bride, “You are my CenterPiece”. And of course the bride gets some teary eyes seeing all this efforts on her wedding day.

I must say, this is one very unique presentation in a wedding reception. With all those surprise-group-dance numbers, this is one great idea as an alternative.