Two parents in Australia are hoppin’ mad after they picked up a comically bad cake for their 3-year-old son’s “frog-themed” birthday party.

Shane Hallford, 43, told U.K.’s The Sun he ordered the $49 AUD ($35) cake at Woolworths, an Australian supermarket chain, three days before his son Mason’s big day. He asked if the cake could be decorated with a colorful number “3” and a big green frog.

“They told me it could be done, no worries at all,” he told the paper. “He wrote down everything I said and said it would be ready by Sunday morning. I was very excited to see it.”

The birthday cake Shane Hallford bought for his son, Mason, 3, from Woolworths in Australia.

Hallford was in a rush the morning of his son’s birthday party and didn’t check the cake when he picked it up at the market.

When he got home, he opened the cake with his wife, Amy, 29, and got an eyeful of one horrible cake fail.

The parents were “mortified” by the green sheet cake, which included a “pathetic” smiley face and the number 3 sloppily piped atop the cake in a slightly darker shade of green icing.

Hallford called Woolworth to see if the cake could be fixed. He was told that the chain does not “decorate” cakes — although he said the store had several pre-made decorated cakes on display in its bakery “that all looked lovely, I thought they would do a good job.”

Thankfully a friend with cake decorating skills doctored up the cake right before Mason’s birthday party.

The birthday cake after it was fixed up by friends of the family.

And even if the cake wasn’t initially decorated well, it apparently tasted great — at least to Mason, who gobbled it up.

-Article originally appeared on HuffPost.