A video of a doctor in Faizabad, India extracting hundreds of maggots from a young patient’s ear has gone viral on the internet.

Last May, an unidentified guy approached Dr. Vikram Yadav, a dermatologist based in India, complaining of a buzzing in his ear. Yadav discovered the patient had aural myasis, a condition caused when a person’s nose or ears are infested with fly larvae, the Daily Mail reports.

The maggots feed off of the inner ear’s flesh, and could eventually burrow into the brain and kill the man. So Yadav suffocated the bugs first so they fled to the entrance of the ear. Then, he removed them one or two at a time with tweezers.


Yadav explained the houseflies invaded the man’s ear while he was sleeping.

“If anybody sleeps, a child, an old person, and you see any houseflies there, put some cloth on their face so they don’t enter into the orifices and lay their eggs,” Yadav said, according to HNGN.com.

The condition is particularly common in tropical regions, among the young children and elderly.

If you have a weak stomach, DO NOT play the video.



Photo credit: DailyMail.co.uk