We may have the solution to fight dengue after all.


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The Department of Health (DOH) in Manila, Philippines has adopted a two-day process that fights dengue, a mosquito carried disease that has killed the lives of at least 1,680 people and 416,000 cases reported in the Philippines alone over the past three years.

“ActRx TriAct,” the regimen formulated of a single use of an Artemether sub lingual spray combined with doses of Artesunate and Berberine tablets. Artemether and Artesunate are derivatives of Artemisium.

For more than five thousand years Artemisium, hjas been used by Chinese medicine for Malaria.

Secretary Enrique Ona of DOH quoted prominent physician Jaime Montoya as saying that a “review of the [ActRx TriAct] protocol shows that it is scientifically valid and sound to be carried out in hospitals.”

“Currently, there is no specific treatment for dengue.” he said. “The standard of care administered to patients afflicted with dengue involves only maintenance of the patient’s body fluid volume and relief of symptoms,” he added.

To ensure that the antidengue treatment will be accessible and affordable, the foundation would set a “ceiling price for a single, full-cycle treatment.”

Robert Steele, ActRx Foundation board chair, said “Profit was never ever our motivation for doing this. Quite literally, we are in the business of saving lives and we want to do it now.”