Pokemon Go is one of the hyped smart phone games released worldwide. It became a sensation for die-hard Pokemon fans even though it caused some players to have accidents or injuries while playing the game.

Here in the Philippines PoGo players who use pre-paid cellular data, spend 150-300 pesos a week just to play the game and just to catch them all. It seems like Filipinos wanted to be a Pokemon Master.



The rapid rise of Pokemon Go started when it was released by Niantic Inc. in July of 2016. And it has gained $200 million just within the first month of its launch. Which brought a huge worldwide success. PoGo’s hype is said to be the reason to affect the usage of other mobile gaming apps specially the once hyped Clash of Clans.


Android Authority

But now usage of the said app has decreased for the past few months. For me personally, Niantic Inc. should add more features for PoGo like trading pokemons, PvP Battles, and also add New Pokemon creatures from generations 2 and 3 maybe could keep that Pokemon Go hype alive.

What are your suggestions ?