Earth Will Be Covered With Darkness Very Soon – A Hoax

Is it End of the World?

Photo from Google Image

Photo from Google Image

Base on the site, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Earth will  be in 6 days of almost complete darkness on December 16 to 22.

The planet will remain without sunlight because of a solar storm which will cause a three day dust and space debris that will block 90% sunlight.

Charles Bolden head of NASA announced and request everyone to remain calm.  “We will solely rely on artificial light for the six days, which is not a problem at all”, says NASA scientist Earl Godoy.

Photo from Google Image

Photo from Google Image

This will be the product of a solar storm, the largest in the last 250 years for a period of 216 hours total.

UPDATE: This news apparently turn out to be a hoax. The story was posted on Huzlers, a website well known for publishing fake stories with sensational headlines.

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