4th Impact performed their cover of ‘I’ll Be There’ on The X Factor UK Live Shows (Nov28).

This week theme is Jukebox & Judges’ Choice. Their second song was a mashup cover of ‘Fancy/Rich Girl’. Watch it here.

Watch full performance below video.

And here are the Judges’ comment about their performance.

Simon Cowell commented, “Girls, can I be honest with you? When you walked on wearing identical dresses again and I saw flowers in the background…I was dreading it. Then you started to sing and everything changed. B your vocal was absolutely outstanding at parts. The best you sounded so far.”

“Honestly I loved the relationship you have with the record. Jackson 5 were related and you are related. Congratulations,” Rita Ora said to 4th Impact.

“You do entertain us every week. It was great to see a completely different side of you. As Simon said, some of the vocals are incredible. There are going to be dolphins arriving in Wembley,” said Nick Grimshaw.

“You did a fantastic job and you nailed that performance,” Cheryl Fernandez Versini.

This was not the first time the Filipina-group performed ‘I’ll Be There’ in a singing competition.  4th Impact already performed an epic version of the song during their run in a Korean talent show last year. Watch video below.

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