Little Big Shots episode “Memory Lane” refers to Katherine, a girl with an incredible memory.

On stage with host Steve Harvey, Katherine memorizes the order of numbered balls sitting on a rack. When Harvey removes the balls, tosses them in a bowl, and then puts a new set of balls on the rack, she can recall every single order.

Watch full video below.

Host Steve Harvey (“The Original Kings of Comedy,” “Family Feud”) will chat and even go toe-to-toe with these child prodigies, eliciting plenty of hilarious and heartwarming moments. From pint-sized break-dancers and piano virtuosos to kids who have surprising talents or just make us laugh, these gifted performers will slay us with their cuteness and wow us with their accomplishments, proving once and for all that talent is born, not made.

Little Big Shots airs Sundays at 7pm and 8pm on NBC.