Last week, Ivy wowed the judges with her powerful rendition of “All The Man I Need” by Whitney Houston. The Filipino singer, hailed by Simon Cowell as “one of the best we’ve ever had”, sailed through to the ITV contest’s boot camp stage.

However, X FACTOR favourite Ivy Grace Paredes has been forced to quit the show after her application for an American visa failed.

The 33-year-old Filipino singer was unable to obtain a US visa to film on location in Los Angeles due to “an issue with her past”, which has not been disclosed.

Sources claimed her application was rejected “point blank” over an issue in her past.

One said: “Ivy was a real hope for the judges after her audition but her dreams are in tatters. She was point blank refused the visa. X Factor tried their best to help, but ran out of time”.

Ivy Grace had to withdraw from the competition

An X Factor source said: “There was an issue with her application being approved. That meant she was not granted a visa in time and sadly had to withdraw from the competition.”

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