The Walking Dead season 9 may have just revealed how Rick is leaving. Will the helicopter going to abduct him? We only have two weeks before Ricktator left us for good. Spoiler warning guys as we discuss last Sunday’s episode “Warning Signs” and some possible Easter eggs that we actually missed in episode 903.

Fans are starting to suspect that the chopper will have a major part in Rick’s departure. Is Rick going to be abducted by Anne in the sme manner as Gabriel?

A random fan shares her opinion on how Rick leaves the show. She said in a YouTube comment; “I think the Wizard of Oz book is hinting to the fact that Rick will be taken away from home. Maybe he gets taken away by the helicopter people doing a disaster and his mission is a go back home.” She is pertaining to the book Rick was reading to Judith.

Anne (or Jadis) was involved in which they call it human trading and she refers to these trafficked people as “A”s or “B”s. She thought that Gabriel was a B. She knew that Rick and Negan were both As but also thinks that Gabriel is also an A.

What did you think of last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead? Did you catch those easter eggs? Let us know in the comment section.