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Hanna Eyre delivers incredible version of Taylor Swift hit ‘Blank Space’ on The Voice 2017


Hanna Eyre delivered an amazing cover of Taylor Swift’s hit “Blank Space” during her blind audition on The Voice 2017, Monday, March 13.

Hanna is such a brilliant singer at 15. Great voice. Hope she goes far with that controlled and smooth voice!

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Adam, Blake and Gwen turned their chairs for her. Adam is blown away and thinks Hanna is miraculously talented. Gwen praises her and says Hanna is the one she was looking for. Blake thinks she has the charisma. But who did she pick as coach? Watch the video below.

Hanna Eyre picked Team Adam Levine! What can you say about Hanna’s audition on The Voice? Tell us your thoughts in comments!

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