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Filipina singer Anatalia Villapanda turns 4 chairs on The Voice 2017 season premiere

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Anatalia Villapanda delivered an amazing audition of Bruno Mars’ hit ‘Runaway Baby’ on The Voice 2017 premiere episode, Monday.

The 16-year-old Filipina singer wowed the judges and the crowd which resulted to a four-chair turn.

“This is more than just a voice, this is an artist, unafraid to express to express herself. You’re amazing,” said Alicia Keys.

“I just really feel passionate about you and your positivity,” said Gwen Stefani.

“The braveness that you have is something you can’t teach. You have this raw ability and I do believe that you can win this entire thing,” said Adam Levine.

But who did she pick as her coach? Watch the video here.

In the end, she chose Team Alicia Keys as her mentor. What can you say about Anatalia’s audition on The Voice? Tell us your thoughts in comments!

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