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AMC airs Part 1 of ‘Fear the Walking Dead: Passage’ web series


The Walking Dead returns to your tv screens on Sunday, but before we know who gets to meet Lucille, AMC launched the first of a 16-part weekly web series tie-in to Fear The Walking Dead, subtitled Passage.

The first clip runs a minute long, shows a clothed guy holding a knife searching for something what looks like an abandoned military base. This web series comes after the success of the previous show Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462.

Watch Passage Part 1 below:

Passage will air during each Walking Dead episode, and you’ll be able to watch them online.

The Walking Dead season 7 kicks off Sunday, October 23, 2016, 9/10c on AMC.

In case you missed it, our favorite zombie drama The Walking Dead has been renewed for an eighth season.

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