Surely, There Ain’t No Other Women Like 4th Impact!

4th Impact startlingly performs ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ by Christina Aguilera on The X Factor UK Top 7 live performance (Nov21).

Watch their full performance below.

Simon said  that it was “Brilliant, professional, sassy”. I really like you, but to go to the next level, we have to know who you are. Apart from that it was great,” he added.

“That was proper entertainment from beginning to end. Sometimes you’re so sweet it is like candy floss and it’s a bit too sweet… tonight it was meaty and a bit nasty,” said Nick Grimshaw.

“It was tight, professional, and rehearsed. Cheryl and I know how hard it is to dance and sing at the same time, but I liked it,” said Rita Ora.

“That wasn’t rehearsed and they only got it yesterday. I think because they are so professional and tight, it is really easy to overlook the fact they’ve come from halfway around the world, from the Philippines, they miss their families, and I have so much respect for you getting up there every week,” said Cheryl.

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