“S-somebody stop me”

If there was a Halloween costume competition this year, no doubt Adele would win it.

The All I Ask hit-maker went to some serious effort for this year’s costume, sitting down in the make-up chair to get some heavy-duty prosthetic.

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Posted on her Instagram page, Adele spent the holiday in Dallas, Adele posed as she let her hair down as Jim Carrey’s iconic character The Mask from the 1994 classic.

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With Carrey’s signature suit, polka-dot tie, and a strikingly realistic mask, discerning fans can make out her signature “Angelo” tattoo on her right hand.

She is  also known for her honesty and telling it like it is, opened up about family life and says that “it’s the bravest thing not to have a child” in an emotional interview this week.


Adele who is currently touring the world with her latest album 25, claimed that most people have babies because they submit to peer pressure and succumb to other people’s expectations.