Only in Australia.

A guy filmed a huge Huntsman spider attempting to carry a mouse inside his kitchen and it has gone viral earlier this week. But how do people record this? I’d be busy burning the house down.

Jason Womal from Queensland uploaded the video on Facebook: “So I am just about to leave for work about 0030 and me neighbour says “You want to see something cool” and I say “Hell yeah”. So we proceed to his place and he shows me this. Huntsman trying to eat a mouse.”

The spider dragged the mice vertically with less effort. And he even named the thing Hermie.

Wikipedia says Huntsman spiders, members of the family Sparassidae, are known by this name because of their speed and mode of hunting. They also are called giant crab spiders because of their size and appearance.

The video has been shared over 220,000 times and has nearly 15 million views.